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Street Address Area Price Beds Listing Date
1319 31st Street Rockford $84,900 2 8/25/2016
10219 Turner Avenue Evergreen Park $189,900 3 8/25/2016
1420 Richmond Lane Algonquin $339,900 5 8/25/2016
879 Marshfield Avenue West Town $564,900 2 8/25/2016
908 Winchester Avenue West Town $1,199,000 4 8/25/2016

The Offer Explained

You’ve finally found “the one” (and we aren’t talking about your soul mate here) but your dream home! You’re excited and giddy but now it’s time to draw up a contract (aka offer). That excitement quickly turns into nervousness but relax, your realtor knows what they are doing. To ease your mind even further, I’m going to go over what an offer always includes and explain the most common contingencies (these are sometimes included to protect you).

Let’s start with the main, standard components that are included:
• mutually agreed upon purchase price
• the amount of earnest money being put down
• your dream home’s address and description
• terms of the sale
• when the final walk through will take place
• the date of the closing
• any home buyer contingencies


What Keeps A Home From Selling?

So you have decided to put the for sale sign in the yard! The market is hot, but for some reason, you can’t sell your house. Here are some of the most common reasons for not selling:

You’re pricing is too high.
This is the number one reason for not selling a home. Sure, you know what you paid for your house but that doesn’t mean it’s still worth that amount or that it’s appreciated as much as you think. So obviously, it’s crucial to be priced correctly. Your realtor can help you achieve this by creating a comparative market analysis. This will help you pinpoint your list price so that you sell quickly.

Reasons to Use a Realtor

So you’ve decided to finally put your house on the market or find your dream home…..what’s the next step?? Finding a realtor! Why should you work with a realtor instead of going it alone? Time, money, and stress just to name a few!

We’ve come up with 6 of our top reasons you should never buy or sell a home without an agent and here they are:

They have lots of expertise. Real estate is full of acronyms and semi-arcane jargon. A Realtor is trained to speak that language PLUS there are dozen of forms, reports, disclosures, and other technical documents that are part of the process. A realtor is well versed in helping you create a killer deal while avoiding delays or costly mistakes.


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