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Street Address Area Price Beds Listing Date
225 Lake Boulevard Buffalo Grove $189,900 2 10/23/2016
1065 Northridge Court Wheaton $731,645 4 10/23/2016
345 Fullerton Parkway Lincoln Park $319,000 2 10/23/2016
7455 Hoyne Avenue Rogers Park $185,500 3 10/23/2016
5943 Hermitage Avenue Edgewater $599,000 2 10/23/2016

Fire Safety

Every year, fire safety has an entire week dedicated to it. This year, during fire safety week (October 9-15), I thought I’d focus on tips and advice to keep your home and all those inside of it safe in case the unthinkable happens. Here are some ways to keep everyone as safe as possible:

• Smoke alarms: How many alarms should you have? The National Fire Protection Association recommends homes should have smoke alarms in every bedroom, and on every level of a home. So, if you own a 2 story, 2-bedroom home you should have 4 smoke alarms.

• Test your smoke alarms once a month. The best way to remember is to do it the same day, every month. Another great reminder is to add it to your calendar on your phone and have an alert go off to help remind you.

Final Walk Through

So you had your inspector look over your new home thoroughly and all repairs have been requested and made. So, why do you even need to do a final walk through? Most buyers use this time to discuss placement of various pieces of furniture but be sure to use this time wisely. Sure you can talk about where the bed will go but before you do that, make sure of a few things.

First and foremost, if there were repairs that needed to be made based on the home inspection; make sure they have been made. Inspect the repair, make sure it was done correctly and to code.

Second, it may have been a while since you inspected the home (most sales can take 45-60 days). So, make sure you check the basics such as:

Home Warranties

If you are selling or buying a home, I’m sure the discussion of whether to include a home warranty or not has been had. So, what is the answer? That depends on the situation.

Home warranties usually range anywhere from $300 to $600 per year. Obviously, policies vary from vendor to vendor but most include major appliances (dishwashers, refrigerators etc), heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical. There are also policies that are more expensive (up to $1200) that can also include more items.

So are home warranties worth the investment? It depends on the situation. Here are a few situations when buying a home warranty is a good idea:

• You have decided to put your house on the market. The coverage begins the minute you list your house, which protects you in case something breaks down before you sell. It also adds value to your potential buyers and gives them piece of mind.

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